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Esperance and beyond

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Esperance was a beautiful spot - coastline is a pretty picture and the water is a beautiful aqua-ish blue. The sand is pure white and there are plenty of rocks to climb. Caravan Park was inundated with white tail black cockatoos - loud screeches and lots of falling branches from their hive of activity. We found 'Dome' - got our first coffee rewards card for WA:-)) We left yesterday, travelled further west along the coast and pulled up at Mason bay camp. Gee whiz - the WA bush loos are a step up. Big spacious tin sheds with enough space to swing a cat - this one has just recently been built so seems like we've checked into 4 star accommodation. No deadly pongs in this campsite. :-). Even has a fold down change table - not that we are in need. Rory's whip cracking prowess is growing by the day and this morning he gave Mum a lesson. Yes managed a few loud cracks.....and also a few welts to the back of my legs:-). Drove into Hopetoun this afternoon - nice small community and managed to find a good coffee! A bit of a theme here.... Also, hot chips have become a regular snack as an economical option for filling a growing 15 year old young man. We could publish the Aussie guide for good hot chips - a couple of medal worthy snack bars along the Nullarbor. Due in Perth on 2nd May to do the final component for registering as a nurse in WA - practical manual handling session. Lots to see in the SW corner yet. - will keep you posted.
Oh, Sharon, thanks for your blog comments - didn't get to Lucky Bay. - dog on board. Heaps of other beaut options though.... keep your suggestions coming. Pick up lots of tips from people we meet along the way and tips are really helpful. Bye for now - bumpy road back to camp and signal dwindling.

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Nullarbor to Esperance.

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Hi everyone. Back in the land of phone signals. From Eucla telegraph station, we travelled a big day of over 600k's to land at a roadside camp at Fraser Range last night. Saw 7 or so wedge-tail Eagles and 1 roaming emu along the road - no camels as suggested by the road signs:-(. The wedge-tails really are a spectacular sight though - both in the air and on the ground. Never get sick of watching them. Woke bloody early this morning coz the sun comes up at some ridiculous hour. Got packed up and on the road to do the short trip to Norseman to claim our accomplishment - crossing the Nullarbor. Information Centre issued the 'certificate'. On the last leg of the journey, some beautiful eucalypts - apparently the only place in the world where this particular type grows. The bloke in the Info centre at Norseman told us the name of them, hmmmmmmm?? The trunk and branches have a unique golden brown colour and look like they've been polished. Stopped in the bush to pick up a couple of branches from a fallen tree - a consolation for accidentally leaving behind the branches that the kids had been whittling away at our last campsite. Ooops. :-( Anyway, we continued on to Esperance on the south coast - have always been told this is a great place - just a brief look tonight but it is a very picturesque township that we'll enjoy exploring tomorrow. We're camped in a bush caravan park away from the centre of town near the Pink Lake. Quiet and peaceful although there's some Doobie Bros and Bowie playing in the distance which we think might be coming from a wedding celebration that we came across on the waterfront this afternoon. Bye for now. Its 9pm here which means most of our Melbourne followers are probably well and truly tucked up..... Xox

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Yes WA


Crossed into WA this afternoon and have pulled up to camp amongst the sand dunes south of Eucla, near old Telegraph ruins. Seems like we're sole campers here tonight - a soft wind and moon shining brightly. We stopped at all the designated 'bight lookouts' along the Nullarbor today. Some spectacular coastal scenery - the Bunda cliffs are quite a sight. Will have to return sometime, during the whale season, preferably late August when they've usually given birth and you can see the calves alongside their mums. Of course, no whales in sight today - we are simply too early.
Along the road - relentless stretches of low shrubby growth ( salt bushes and blue bushes) that are somehow mesmerising and emphasise the vastness of this huge land. A real mixture of shades of green mostly but it sits like a patchwork of colour. Occasionally a tree perhaps a few feet tall - usually stripped of any greenery - just the naked branches. More of the Nullarbor is yet to come..........

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Good evening from the Nullarbor Plain

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Hi All, quick update, I'm sitting outside, it's 9pm and am preoccupied with swatting moths off the laptop screen. My toes (in thongs) are crying out for the warmth of bed!! Kids are the in the car watching the end of a DVD. We spent a couple of nights in a caravan park in Ceduna, stocked up on supplies before heading towards the Nullarbor. Alas, tonight we are sitting at the Head of Bight - sadly a bit too early in the season for the southern right whale invasion - they're not due for another fortnight or so. It's a bit eerie - the campsite is a bit like a compound. White stoned flat ground, ~ 6ft wire fencing containing half a dozen or so caravans and our camper trailer. The wind is quietly whistling around us. I can hear Buddy's quiet snoring close by. Before darkness fell, the vastness of the plains was hard to overlook - flat with low shrubby terrain as far as the eye could see in all directions. Despite this, it doesn't feel 'remote' as the bitumen road along the Eyre Highway has you thinking a big town or city is just down the road. Not far from WA now - a few hundred kms. We'll drive in to the Head of Bight for the brilliant views in the morning before continuing our journey along the Nullarbor.
Have uploaded a dozen or so photos tonight - dropped into Fowler Bay on our travels today. A must for anyone making the trip along the Eyre Highway - awesome sand dunes to climb giving amazing views of the bay and small township. Had a great chat with the coffee shop manager - she and her husband are filling a 3 month contract managing the caravan park and shop - there's some amazing opportunities out here for travelling Aussies. Might be one for our bucket list in the future.

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Eyre Peninsula

Moonlight Bay and Coodlie Park

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Spent 3 nights at Moonlight Bay - how the wind howled! Kids slept in stretcher tents and on the 2nd night with the wind blustering and grabbing at the heat reflective cover on our tent, I wondered whether the kids' stretchers would blow away if they got up during night for a bush pee. Alas all survived. A day trip into Port Lincoln - a life size statue of Makybe Diva on the foreshore, great coffee ( ambos seem to have a knack for searching out the best coffee shops.... I wonder why...) and Rory enjoyed his new discovery - Chai Latte. From the south of Eyre Peninsula, we drove along the west coast to land in Coodlie Park - an unplanned stop but turned out Streaky Bay was inundated with a youth festival so we stopped short to ensure we'd have somewhere to camp for the night. A good find - great camp set up with big camp kitchen and unique shower block and gateway to local sights such as Talia caves. We've uploaded some photos tonight - hope the beauty shines through.....

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