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Errabiddy Bluff, Murchison

Back on the dirt

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Have just spent 2 nights camped at the foot of Errabiddy Bluff - one of the stops along the outback pathways of this area. Did approx 160k's on the red dirt along the Butchers track and into camp which is a few k's north of Murchison settlement. Really good road..... could sit on 80k's comfortably. This is apparently the only shire in Australia that doesn't have a township!! Had to make sure we had enough supplies - there's no IGA or Coles to pop into. The terrain is very red and rocky. We climbed the bluff this morning ( the boys were doing it for the second time) to look out over the sweeping plains, see the rich colours that combine to make the vast landscape. No mean feat in my book! Very rocky underfoot and slippery with loose rocks in places. Not sure of the height of the bluff but our camp below looked very small. Will post some photos later. Murchison Settlement worth a drop in - roadhouse and museum holding lots of paraphernalia from past life on local stations. Few people but very well cared for. They had some great photos of old homesteads from the surrounding properties. Tonight we've set up camp just outside the township of Mullewa. Ha ha, Telstra and OPTUS signal again....oh and those shitty little midges. Camp fire is underway and light is fading..... Bye for now.

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Shark Bay

Monkey Mia, Fowlers Camp, Shell beach and Hamelin Pools stromatolites.

sunny 25 °C
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We stopped in Denham for 3 nights at a caravan park doing the restocking, washing etc. Seemed like we'd driven back into Woomera SA - gravel ground, a bit stark but it suited our needs. A morning spent at Monkey Mia was a highlight for us - really mixed reviews from travellers about going in to Monkey Mia, but we'd come all this way...... The bay is a beaut spot, the rangers did a great job. We stayed for all 3 feeding sessions throughout the morning. They currently have 5 dolphins in their feeding program. The last session brought in the most - 7 dolphins all up including 2 calves. Also discovered a large sea turtle deceased on the beach. We all really enjoyed it. Alas in Denham we crossed paths with our travelling friends, caught up for a cuppa. We all left Denham to camp together at Fowlers Camp which is in one of the picturesque bays along the peninsula as you travel back towards the main coastal highway. Rory went out fishing with the 2 Steve's - caught lots of undersized fish but nothing we could toss in a pan. Sunset was a pearler - you might have seen photos on Steve's Facebook page. Travelling off the peninsula the following day, we dropped into Shell beach - wow, a massive expanse of beach completely covered and metres deep in tiny cockle shells. We also dropped into Hamelin Pools to view the stromatolites - formations in the water made up of bacteria woven mats - one of the contributors to this part of the world being classified as a world heritage site. From here we are heading inland along the Butchers track - time to travel some dirt...... Red dirt.......reminds us of our last trip to NT.

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On our way to Shark Bay and Monkey Mia

A couple of roadside stops with friends

all seasons in one day
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Endured some more wet weather along the way - 2roadside stops along the Brand highway as we head towards Monkey Mia. Stopped at Galena bridge (riverside) and Nerren Neren rest stop. Had our first mouse encounter at Galena. - Unsuspectingly, I (Sue) retrieved a campchair from the rain at 1:30am and granted free entry into the tent for a small field mouse. Steve woke shortly after, grabbed a torch and detected the intruder after hearing him scampering on the canvas of the chair. Entertainment!!! around in circles we went, moving our gear trying to catch him. Half an hour or so later we climbed back into bed having given in. - we'll find him in the morning!!!
Nerren Nerren - we tucked into the back of the stop, on dirt with our co-travellers. We stepped it up for campfire entertainment with a gazillion rounds of charades and celebrity heads. Lots of laughs....... Oh, and a Sound of Music movie night with Nicci and Dave which has led to a few one liners over the UHF - so long....farewell....Auf wiedersehen.......as we part ways.

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Bringo Lookout

One more day in Geraldton

sunny 24 °C
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From Ellendale Pool we moved to Bringo Lookout. It’s about 20 or so Ks east of Geraldton on the Mt Magnet Road. What a contrast. Perched up on a rocky outcrop facing West back to Geraldton. Spectacular sunsets and a continuation of the fine, sunny weather and 'happy hours' with LSM & NDJ. We could get used to this!!

This stop was for me to go for a doctors visit and get a spot cut out of the back of my hand. It appeared about a month ago and grew to about the size of a mole. Thought I'd get rid of it just to be safe. A visit to BCF to buy better canoe paddles/oar - The one that came with the canoe was pretty flimsy and after Dave lent us his and we experienced the difference we had to upgrade. Still things to see in Geraldton but we intend to loop back around after we visit Shark Bay.

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Ellendale Pools

A little touch of paradise near Geraldton

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Hey, what a beaut spot. We spent 5 nights at this site - joined by our co-travellers for 2 of them. A majestic tall cliff face captured the light of a glowing sunset and formed a great backdrop to the natural pools. A couple of day trips into Geraldton for life's necessities (showers, groceries and laundry). We enjoyed nightly gatherings around campfires, campfire cooking, canoeing along the pools that are part of the Greenough River and Rory used the opportunity to complete all his Year 9 NAPLAN testing. The tent became an exam room for the 5 papers. Mum was the stickler controlling the environment and time keeping to ensure a 'level playing field'. Interesting that the whole process is scripted for the supervisor(Sue) to follow - the do's and dont's.... Buddy enjoyed himself with heaps of chasing around, in and out of the water with his canine friend, Maggie. We drove past yet another big wind farm and stopped for a photo opportunity as one of the blades was mounted at ground level to show how truly big they are. Some good weather.....yipeeee.

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