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Bullara Station stay

semi-overcast 21 °C
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Hey, did you see the extra photos we recently uploaded? A bit mismatched to our blog but we're working on that! 😊

From Coral Bay, we had to get on the move towards Port Hedland for a 6 week nursing job starting July 7th. We drove north towards Exmouth and 'dropped' the trailer off at Bullara Station were we were to stay for a couple of nights. We continued on to Exmouth for a visit and to catch up with our postal vote paperwork. We decided to send it off return mail so much of our visit to Exmouth will be remembered for working out how to correctly witness and fill out postal vote forms. A novel memory for Megan for her first time voting. We returned to Bullara that evening. An awesome blend of a working cattle property combined with country hospitality - a sizeable camp ground with camp kitchen, showers, laundry..... lots of people to socialise with around the campfire and kitchen ....Friday night camp sausage sizzle....and a walk to nearby sandhills. We drove through the property to Exmouth gulf for a fishing expedition - only the midges were biting :-(. Crossed paths with an impressive goanna on the way back to camp - he stopped still long enough for a good photo as you can see. Plenty of cattle along the way too. They're really enjoying the new green growth after recent rain. The rain has been good for the cattle but if it hadn't come we would have landed right in time for the muster. As it is, that has been delayed so the cattle will be stronger and put on some condition. These station stays are great though they're as expensive as a caravan park so not on our regular to do list. We'd prefer to get a job working on a station for a while. Could have stayed here for longer than 2 nights but Port Hedland awaits!

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Carnarvon and on to Coral Bay

Fruit plantations to Ningaloo reef and the whale sharks - and sun fish.

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We stayed four nights in Carnarvon including a visit to the Saturday morning market, sampling of local plantation produce, a drive out to the Quobba blowholes - north of Carnarvon on the coast -wow they really do skyrocket into the air and live up to the title 'blowhole'. Carnarvon gave us a chance to off-load kg's of mud that we'd picked up along the outback pathways and Steve worked on rectifying a trailer watertank leak. Oh, and to watch the Saints vs Geelong....... What a nail biter! Sorry to mention that Dad!! Met a beaut Dutch backpacking couple who were working in the plantations and about to head inland to pick up work as station hands. Have met some great overseas visitors along the way. Bought some fresh fruit ( and we mean really fresh) from local producers as we left town - kills the coles or woolies varieties. Travelled north to Coral Bay for our first look at World Heritage Ningaloo reef. Not before an overnight stop south of Coral Bay with a drop loo that was infested with a gazillion good sized cockroaches that made bush peeing a much better option!!! In Coral Bay, the Caravan park was packed to the eyeballs as school holidays in WA were about to start. Fortunately we'd already booked our day tour to swim with the Whale Sharks. We left Buddy with the tour operators on shore and the four of us headed out on the bay for the day. Wow. First snorkel got us all used to the equipment whilst seeing turtles, multitudes of colourful fish including a bright yellow trumpet fish, lots of coral formations and heaps more. Crystal clear water - aqua. Whale sharks proved a bit elusive as its the end of the season here, but huge excitement from the crew when the spotter plane directed us to a Sun fish (I'd never heard of them). We all had the chance to swim and snorkel alongside this huge circular disc shaped fish that had huge long fins. Couldn't say how big, but it's body was easily greater than an adult arm span. We knew when the skipper of the boat jumped in for a snorkel that this really was something unusual - none of the crew had ever seen one - some of whom had been working on the reef for 10 plus years. A mid afternoon snorkel had us seeing reef sharks, turtles, schools of trevally, a tawny nurse shark, Angel fish, countless other varieties of fish below. One whale shark was the sum for the day, and I (Sue) was a bit too slow off the mark to get a good look when it was our turn to snorkel - (20 on board with 10 going in at a time) and it decided to dive below shortly after it was our turn to enter the water. A humpback whale capped off a great day as we headed back to shore. Oh, and a glass of champagne was not too bad either.

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Back in signal range

Sitting out the rain in the bush

rain 21 °C
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Well hello, we're back!!! We were heading back onto dirt last time we spoke:-). We left Meekatharra after checking in with local police re: the roads through to Mt Augustus. Road open but expecting some rain. So we drove through to the site of an old restored police lock up near Mt Gould. The outlook to Mt Gould was a great camp backdrop. Some great colours in the hillside. The old buildings wreaked of history and the need for a lock up facility when police services were so far away. Sadly, it had been defaced somewhat. And yes, the rain came down. And the frogs came out - Buddy found them quite captivating. A couple of dog vomits later, we wondered whether his captivation had expanded to sampling one of them...... Not to worry, he has recovered. Anyway, we travelled further north, but had to change our travel plans due to weather and the state of the roads. Mt Augustus, the biggest rock in the world, will have to wait for another day......And so we sat out the weather at a fabulous campsite for a couple of days - Bilung Pool which was about 140ish k's from anywhere, and situated on the Carnarvon Mullewa track. After a day without rain, and waking to sunshine, we packed up and made the drive to Gascoyne junction, and finally Carnarvon. Bilung pool was just that - a natural pool with surrounding rock walls - a real oasis. Good for a dog swim, tree climbing and games of poker and canasta to sit out the rain.

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Quick update before we head away from signal

The outback pathways

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Hi all. Quick note - we've travelled inland, camped a night outside Yalgoo, then another night at Garden Rock near Cue. Today we've driven into Meekatharra on the highway, and now we're heading back onto dirt. Taking one of the pathways from Meekatharra through to Mt Augustus (NW) with the plan to continue west towards Carnarvon. This will take a few days, most of which we probably won't have a signal - not even Telstra. So expect to hear from us within 5 or 6 days..... Bye for now.... UGG831. :-)

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Mullewa before circling back into Geraldton

sunny 22 °C
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We spent two nights camped alone in the bush just outside Mullewa - a smallish township east of Geraldton. A chill day at camp ended with a Skype call to our dear friends Deb, Chris and Sam. A bit surreal sitting in the bush on your own, and being able to connect like this!! Following morning, we spent a couple of hours in Mullewa before heading back towards Geraldton. Stopped in at Jonesys cafe for a coffee before embarking on a great historical walk leading to the Catholic Church, learning about the amazing life of John Hawes - a catholic priest (initially Anglican) and architect who was responsible for the design and construction of many significant buildings in the region, including the cathedral in Geraldton and the church and presbytery ('Priest house' - as it's known) in Mullewa. His life story really captured us - an amazing fellow who left a great legacy here in WA, as well as other states and overseas. He retired to the Bahamas and completed one final project there before dying at around 80 years of age in 1956. He was often designer, builder and fundraiser all rolled in to one. Funnily enough, we listened to a radio interview earlier today about the restorative work that is being undertaken on the Geraldton cathedral and he was mentioned.
Finally I've (Sue) been signed off as work ready in WA - receiving the big tick from the WA govt to be able to do some nursing here. I applied for a job in Karratha starting in early July, which would have worked well with catching up with Craig, but alas another candidate was successful. Not like an agency job in metro - positions are contracted for a period and multiple applicants. Now waiting for a phone interview for a job in Port Hedland starting in July as well. - a 6 week stint. Not completely hopeful as they're after an 8 week commitment, which is too long for us. There's still so much of WA to explore!
Tomorrow we pack up and get on the move again. Stocked up today, so we'll be heading back inland to further explore some of the 'outback pathways'. Who knows where it will lead us.....but more dirt and bush is definitely on the cards. We're camped 30k's outside Geraldton at Bringo Lookout tonight - crossed paths here last night with Steve, Lesley and Maggie. They left today, heading inland to take up an 8 week stint as camp cooks for a muster (Steve is a chef so more than qualified!!). This life on the road is really feeling a lot more like a comfortable pair of slippers. And you meet some really great people. :-)

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